LED Smart Hoop
led hula hoop
Update 10th September 2019

A couple of weak spots have been found from hours of testing, these are fixed and more testing is carrying on, we have 10 hoops being tested at the moment, please contact if you want to join the testing program.
A basic Android and Iphone App is nearly finished to use the hoop in its currrent form with more features coming shortly.
We still havent thought of a good name ! :) Any ideas?

Update 19th August 2019

Welcome to our led hoop website - this is a holding page for a new LED Hoop project based in the UK. We are aiming to produce a hoop with higher led count than any out there. This gives a much brighter, clearer and higher resolution image which far exceeds any other hoop on the market. We will be trying to bring the price down to around the £200 mark aswell. For avid hoop builders we will be providing a cheap kit to build yourself one - saving money and customising to your exact needs.

The hoop features :

  • between 330 and 370 super bright LEDS
  • in built batteries - hoop balanced and no battery gap
  • portable battery charger - charge on the go ( doubles as mobile phone charger )
  • usb battery charger also
  • Displays any pattern including any images - pixel hoop enabled
  • Updates via WiFi at any internet spot
  • around 45 mins runtime with super bright setting, over an hour at standard setting - more if 5gram heavier batteries are used. At lowest brightness - around 2 hours+
  • charge time - around an hour
  • 5 levels of brightness.
  • no rivet closing mechanism - hidden bolt
  • Control via Android or Iphone ( app on its way - please send in requests )
  • battery life indicator on hoop on power up or via app
  • available in 19mm tubing or bigger - 16mm coming later
  • all leds protected by foam backing and bubblewrap
  • hoop ends protected by plastic, no issues if hoop separates - no damage will occur
  • internal power switch

    Some images of the prototype below, if you would like to help in designing the app for this hoop, add some features of your own please dont hesitate to get in touch.
  • Please use the email info@ledhoop.co.uk to get in touch.
    led hoop 1 led hoop 2 led hoop 3 led hoop 4 led hoop 5 led hoop 6
    led hoop 7 led hoop 8 led hoop 9 led hoop 10 led hoop 11 led hoop 12